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Our mission is to establish and renew Konfidence in each and everyone of our kustomers.
When browsing our kollection, we aim for your initial thought to be, "I could really turn heads with this look!", instead of thinking, "Could I honestly see myself in this?" or "Will this look good on me?" The answer is YES, you can!
You must OWN your own Konfidence! It does not belong to anyone but YOU!
It is very important to remember that BEAUTY has so many forms, but the most beautiful form is Konfidence and loving yourself.
Style is whatever you want it to be, when you can do it with Konfidence!


My name is Kiaya Avery. I am a Alabama native. I have three beautiful children that motivate and inspire me to work har to create generational wealth. They definitely keep me on my toes at all times.

Unlike many other entrepreneurs, owning a business of my own was never in my plans. It was not until I was pregnant with my second child that I began looking into starting a business of my own. I wanted something that would exemplify my personality in the best way!

I wanted to be able to share the sales and products that I love with those around me. Thus, the idea for Kultured Konfidence.

My only hope is that you enjoy what you see here as much as I have enjoyed taking the time to present it to you.

With Konfidence,